Mar 6, 2016

A New Day!

I am not perfect but I strive to live right each day, but I fail most days.  I don't always act the way I should, I don't think the thoughts that I should and I don't always speak the way that I should. I have days and moment when I am just not in sync with Gods plan for me.

Sometimes I image God looking down from heaven at me shaking his head,  when I find myself in one of those situations.

But you know the good thing about it is, he is compassionate, patient, loving and merciful. He knows that I am not perfect and there will days and times when I slip up and act like a fool.

He doesn't hold my mistakes or bad behavior over my head, his love is endless and his mercy is new every morning. I don't have to walk around beating up myself or feeling guilt for my mistakes. I can look forward to a new day filled with his promises of love and mercy.

Each day, each minute I get the opportunity turn it around and make it right. He forgives me, he loves me, he has patience with me.

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