Feb 19, 2016

Tips for Eating Healthy on the Job

For those of you that work outside the home,you know the struggle with trying to eat healthy when you're at work. Every where I turn at the work place there is temptation. It start out with the reception area, bowls of bit size pieces of individually wrapped chocolate, mints and hard candy.

Then there is the kitchen, vending machines filled with healthy and not so healthy options. At least once a week someone leaves a cake or a container of goodies that was received from a client on one of the tables in the kitchen.

Then you have these co-workers that bake on the weekends and they bring in a batch of homemade brownies or cookies for the team every week.

How in the world am I suppose to stay focused on my healthy eating journey if I am surrounded by such temptation.

Here is my trick for fighting this evilness.

I meal prep on the weekends. I bring my breakfast and lunch four to five days week. If I don't bring my lunch. I usually get a large kale salad loaded with lots of veggies or I will order salmon and veggies from a local restaurant.

Along with breakfast and lunch I prep my snacks also. I always keep healthy snacks on hand so I am not tempted to over indulge. My snack bag usually contains;

  • Popcorn
  • Fruits 
  • Pretzels
  • Hummus
  • Peanut butter sandwich on low calorie whole wheat bread
  • Vegetable - carrots, cucumbers
  • Nuts
Now there are times that I will sample some of the goodies, but in moderation. If I feel like having a piece of candy. I will only help myself to two individually wrapped pieces of candy and no more. 

If there are cookies or brownies I will take a very small piece,  enough to enjoy and savor the flavor without over indulging and having regrets. 

How do you fight this evilness on the job? 

Feb 18, 2016

Quotes to Inspire and Motivate

There are times when I lose motivation or life occurs and I get distracted from doing the things that I love.

I started keeping a running list of quotes that motivate and inspire me. I also write out my weekly quote on a mini chalk board so I an see it daily and be reminded.

As I surf the net and run into a good one I add to my current list. Anytime I feel distracted and unmotivated I turn to my quotes and select a few to meditate on until I lift out of the rut.

Here are my favorite quotes for the month of February.

1. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me -  Bible - Philippians 4:13

2. Take criticism seriously, but not personally. If there is truth or merit in the criticism, try to learn         from it, otherwise let it roll right off you - Hillary Clinton

3. You become what you believe - Oprah Winfrey

4. Ask and it will be given to you, search and you will find, knock and the door will be opened for           you - Jesus Christ

5. Believe you can and you're halfway there - Theodore Roosevelt

6. Build your own dreams or some else will hire you to build theirs - Farrah Gray

7. It doesn't matter how slow you go as long you don't stop - Confucius

8. Change your thought and you change your world - Norman Vincent Peale

9. The only way to do great work is to love what you do - Steve Jobs

How do you keep yourself motivated and inspired? Do you have a favorite quote that lifts you out of the rut?

Feb 16, 2016

21 Days to Master Success & Inner Peace - Book Review

My reading list ranges from spiritual, self improvement to romance books. Currently on my reading list is the 21 Days to Master Success and Inner Peace by Dr Dwayne M Dyer. This was my first time reading one of his books and I was not disappointed at all.

There are 21 chapters, one for each day. This book is filled with inspiration, practical teaching and lots of thought provoking ideas.

This book drew me in from the first chapter. I read one chapter each week, took notes and really thought about how it applies to my life and situation. Seeing a little of myself in each chapter was an eye opener for me.

There were paragraphs in this book that just jumped right in my face. There was no denying that this was speaking directly to me. I know myself, my personality and my thought process and there are areas that I know needs to be changed, but when your are reading it on paper and you can identify with what you are reading so clearly, it has such a impact on you mentally.

Since finishing this book a week ago, I have started to read it again. Yes, it's one of those book that you will be referring back to again and again.

My Favorite chapters are 2, 9 & 14.

Chapter 2 - Be Attached to Nothing - Releasing your attachment to all the negative things you have trained yourself to believe  and open your mind to all possibilities

Chapter 9 - Give up your Personal History - Embracing your past history and letting go of it so you can move on.

Chapter 14 - Stop Looking for Occasions to be Offended - How to stop allowing yourself to be offended by people, things and circumstances.

I highly recommend this book, if you are looking to change and self improvement.

Have you read any books by this author? If not, please share what books you have read that was life transforming.


Feb 2, 2016

Natural Eco Friendly Skin Exfoliators

Nothing can compare to how your skin looks and feel after a  home spa exfoliating treatment. I have dry skin so exfoliating my skin from my face to my feet is a must. Especially even more during the winter months. The cold weather can be brutal on the skin.

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