Jan 7, 2016

Right Where I Should Be!

Thurday's Thoughts and Reflection. 


Today as I sat at my desk at work just doing my job. This thought pop into my head " I am right where I should be" I have to confess that after seven months of being on this job, I really still like being there.

This is something I can't really say about my previous jobs. What I like about this place is the culture. Part of their mission statement is "Value People". They do there best to live up to this statement. They not only talk the talk, they walk the walk.

One of the things that really stood out to me is the respect and gentleness that senior management shows toward the staff and the co-workers are very respectful towards each other.

They are gentle when they speak to you and no one blows their top when there a mistake or a problem occurs. They discuss the problem and you are on your merry way to resolve the issue and just let them know when it has been resolved. 

It has taken me sometime to adjust to this type of environment, I am was so use to defending myself and my team as a manager in charge of others. I constantly had to make sure all my "T" were crossed and "I" were dotted.  It's so much different here.

Working in a hard nose environment made me hard.  I was hard on my  staff because they are a direct reflection of  me and when something goes wrong I have to answer to management. There were times that I would get called into my managers office several times during the day to answer for mistakes made by my team or complaints about the department as a whole. You eventually grow thick skin, build your micro management skills and enforce the rules so you can reduce the number of times you are called into the principals office.

When I got home from work at nights, I was exhausted mentally as well as physically. I would pray for a way out. I had my resume circulating but no hooks to my bait. I had to learn to wait on Gods timing. 

God always has a plan and when he closes one door, he will open another and it will be better than the one he closed.   

When God chose this job for me, he knew why. He knew this environment was what I needed to Shed. Shed the tough exterior, non- caring,  just get work done so management can stay off my A**  style.

He is using the my staff, my co-workers and my managers to carve me, shape me and mold me into a more relaxed manager and a better person. They don't know that God is using them but he is.   

I am learning and growing from the inside out in this environment. I don't have to be a tough boss to get my staff to perform at their best. Patience, Respect, Gentleness and Kind words will go a long way. I Am Right Where I Should Be.

Do you feel you are right where you should be in any areas of your life? Share you story.


  1. I know I am where I am meant to be. And, I am so thankful for God allowing my husband to get a job where I can stay home with my toddler and infant. I worked from age 14 until several months after baby #2 arrived. But, I hated missing all the "firsts." Maybe someday my place will again be in a job outside, but for now, I'm going to enjoy my girls.

    1. Wow! what a blessing from God. He is good and always on time.

  2. Yes! Exactly. I have been feeling the same way. I'm excited about all of the places my business is going and the progress I am making with my personal goals, but ultimately I feel completely at peace with there I am.

    1. It's such a wonderful feeling to have the peace of God in your life and knowing that he is leading your life. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. I love your outlook and your spiritual sharing!

  4. Yes, God is so good and we are right where we need to be. I love how he closes one door and opens another. Thanks for sharing. God bless. :)

  5. I agree with this post. I know I am meant to be where I am today. Love your positive outlook on life!

  6. What an awesome feeling it is when you know - congrats on knowing, believing and recognizing it as a blessing. :D

  7. so nice to read your post; yes I am in a helping profession and I enjoy being here, gives me a lot of happiness and satisfaction. thanks for sharing !


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