Jan 26, 2016

Fresh Carrot & Beet Juice Smoothie

For 2016 I seriously stepped up my healthy eating and drinking game. Smoothies are a major must have in my daily diet. Consuming raw fruits and vegetables daily give my body the nutrients it need to function at peak performance. This smoothie is quick to prepare if you juice your vegetables ahead of time.

It's so important as we get older to be more conscious of our diet. Consuming more whole foods is much better for our body. It aids the body in so many different ways, replacing nutrients and vitamins that is lost due to the aging process the body is going through.

Fresh Carrot & Beet Juice Smoothie   

Benefits of Each Ingredients: 
  1. Carrot - 
    • Vitamin A - maintain healthy eyes and vision 
    • Beta Carotene - antioxidants, boost immune system - fight free radicals that causes chronic diseases
    • Balance blood sugar, improve blood health, fight inflammation, cleanse kidney 
  2. Beets - 
    • Aids in lowering blood pressure
    • Purify blood / detoxic liver 
    • Supports cardio health 
    • Increase energy levels
  3. Kale -
    • Antioxidants, vitamin K (bone health), heart support
  4. Banana - 
    • Healthy bowel movements, curb sweet tooth cravings, rich in potassium, vitamin A (eye health)
  5. Ginger -
    • Aids in digestion, reduce inflammation 
  6. Blackberries - 
    • Lower cholestrol, fights cardiovascular diseases 
  7. Kiwi -
    • Vitamin C, high in fiber (for colon health), rich in vitamin K (bone health & blood clotting)


  • Fresh Carrot & Beet Juice 
  • Hand full of Kale 
  • Banana
  • Kiwi
  • Blackberries 
  • Piece of fresh ginger 

  • I juiced my carrots and beets ahead of time using my Breville juicer and put it in the refrigerator so it can get cold. 
  • Add all ingredients in the smoothie cup or blender cup if that's what you are using. Blend until smooth, add more juice if it's too thick. Serve and enjoy.  


  1. Yummy and healthy! I'm going to try this. Thanks, Lucy.

    1. You are going love it. It was so delicious.


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